We are Agilec

We are Agilec

Change is a good thing…

In the spirit of embracing change, Northern Lights Canada has turned the page on our story to start a new chapter. We have renamed and rebranded the company to reflect a deepened commitment to serving people and organizations in developing their potential.

Over the next few weeks you will see this change rolled out and taking shape across our company.

Change is a good thing. We embrace it with agility and optimism…

Our new name "Agilec" was carefully chosen to highlight our flexibility, optimism, and enthusiasm for delivering services. It brings our people-centered services and empathy-built solutions into focus.

We have broadened and enhanced our scope of Professional Services to include Career Directions, Compliance Training, and Organizational Services Support.

Along with our expanded suite of professional services, we will continue to offer our great vocational rehabilitation and employment services which include one-on-one employment coaching, job matching, vocational assessments as well as employer services.

Change is a good thing. We embrace it with agility and optimism because we are Agilec.

To learn more about our evolution into this change, please take a moment to watch the video below:


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