Blog: Vocational Rehabilitation

What You Need to Know About Ontario’s Bill 148

This video is for information purposes only and does not reflect the opinions or views of Agilec. Ontario’s “Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017”, aka Bill 148, means some big changes are coming to Ontario’s workplaces. Here are some key facts you...

Clarifying Company Vision

Why should you train your team? Clarifies company vision and value – where is your company headed?Ensures your employees know they are valued and promotes buy in for whatever direction you want your company to go – they will follow their leader.Aligns your team so you...

Resume Writing Hints: Finding Content

Sometimes, you can stare at your document, know that it needs more, and not know where to begin. The way it stands now, it just not an effective resume. Here are my steps to building on a resume and making it a great marketing tool to use in your search!Re-work the...

Burn-Out – Is There Any Help?

We may have all experienced burn-out at one time or another or supported a colleague or family member who was unable to meet the constant demands of work or life. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek professional help or counselling when faced with any...


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