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  • December 31, 2022
  • Hours: Up to 30



MEETING NOTES: EL/ML – Needs analysis in person w/ employer

JOB TITLE: Dishwasher

* Collect soiled dishes from dining areas and transport them to the dishwashing area
* Collect soiled pots from kitchen areas and transport them to the dishwashing area
* Mix liquid soap and ensure that sponges are properly immersed in the liquid
* Clean dishes, flatware and potware with water in order to clear them of dirt
* Soap down dishes and ensure that they are rinsed properly
* Place washed dishware and flatware on drying racks
* Use drying cloth to dry dishes and flatware completely
* Load soap and water into dishwashers
* Place dishes appropriately in the dishwasher
* Switch dishwasher on for the right amount of time and keep a watch on the timer
* Remove washed dishes from the dishwasher and make arrangements to dry them if needed
* Stack dishes properly in cupboards
* Maintain kitchen work areas and receive and store kitchen supplies
* Sweep kitchen floor and take trash out
* Ensure that the kitchen floor is properly sanitized
* Perform preventative and regular maintenance on dishwashers and ovens
* Mop stockrooms and report any hazardous situations to the kitchen or maintenance manager
* Ensure that all dish cleaning equipment and supplies are stocked properly
* Assist kitchen staff with food preparation duties when needed

SKILLS: Food service general labour

* Knowledge of health and safety rules in a kitchen
* Able to stand for long periods of time
* A team player with good communication skills
* Patient with an ability to stay positive under pressure
* Very good physical condition and endurance
* High school diploma or equivalent is desirable

HOURS: PT (must be able to work weekends)
PAY: $15/hr

* Start date as soon as possible
* Bi-weekly pay schedule
* No benefits
* Non-slip shoes required

* Reliable
* Flexible work hours

How to apply:

Via Agilec


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