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A Mental Health Care System Navigator possesses knowledge of the mental health care system and related services as a whole. They are able to see the bigger picture in mental health care. To better understand it, work within it and understand how to respond to changes as they occur, Mental Health System Navigators are able to think at both a local and a system level. They have an understanding of the business and economics of mental health care and are aware of the inter-connectivity of the various parts of the mental health care system.

Description: To provide optimal support for the clients you care for, as well as their families, you need to have a fundamental understanding as to how the mental health care system works. This knowledge will enable you to effectively advocate on your client’s behalf; both within your organization and the broader mental health care system. Being a Mental Health System Navigator includes such activities as establishing a client’s eligibility for specific services based on defined criteria. It can also involve collaborating with colleagues to determine what services a client and their family will need in the community and identifying the appropriate agencies to connect a client with.


●      collecting of personal and contact information of clients

●      conducting intake interviews and needs assessments with clients (or guardians of clients)

●      providing crisis intervention strategies/mental health first aid as needed (as a secondary function)

●      sharing of documents through online secure portal

●      logging case notes for all interactions with clients on online database

●      understanding local and local-serving mental health-related services and intake processes

●      keeping abreast of funding opportunities for mental health care needs

●      traveling to meeting locations throughout the District of Muskoka

●      providing social engagement and wellness strategies for client meetings

●      connecting clients to services as per their goals

●      following up with clients to ensure connections were made and care is being given by providers

●      advocating and accompanying clients as needed

●      filing of monthly mileage and expense reports

●      managing caseload and time requirements of role appropriately

●      communicating needs and results of client work to direct supervisor ongoing and as needed

●      understanding and employing the Duty to Report in cases of potential or known harm to others or self, including neglect of vulnerable beings

●      properly storing and securing mobile-use equipment such as laptop, phone, notebook

●      assisting in the development and deployment of psychoeducational programs/projects

●      assisting in the development and deployment of marketing strategies

●      conducting oneself professionally and respectfully at all times when in the role of Navigator and also in the greater community as a whole, recognizing the potentially influential position locally

●      following Standard Operating Procedures at all times

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