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Team Development

Fostering healthier teams and workplaces.

Our team development courses will help you strengthen the overall health of your organization as participants learn to fully know themselves and their coworkers.

We offer a large selection of team development programs that will help in conflict resolution, foster innovation, and enhance your Business EQ.

Team Health

This training focuses on the factors that help teams remain healthy, engaged, and successful.

Team health is something we often take for granted, yet it’s critical to team effectiveness and engagement. Team activities help participants examine the ingredients of healthy working relationships and what it means to work well together.

Training Results

  • Examine the evidence for working in teams and the benefits to individuals and organizations
  • Identify and discuss the components of a healthy team and what promotes strong working relationships
  • Review the phases of team development and what assists teams to effectively move from one stage to the next
  • Identify the principles of team engagement and how work culture and individuals contribute to it
  • Discuss the top ten factors that lead to successful teams
Innovative Teams

Discover the critical ingredients for innovative thinking and teams.

This training examines how innovation happens in the 21st century, including the critical factors that are necessary for innovation to happen.

Training Results

  • Identify and discuss organizational and team factors that encourage innovative thinking and solutions
  • Review innovation in the 21st century
  • Assess key competencies of innovative thinking
  • Participate in collaborative activities that promote innovative thinking
Norming for Performing

This training assists teams to understand, identify, and apply the top norms for performance.

Job satisfaction, team harmony, and performance are the biggest benefits of norming for performance, yet team norms are often overlooked or ignored in the rush to get work done. How do we establish norms that stick with teams and result in real benefits? A review of what is working in the team and how to improve processes and practices will be completed through a set of team challenges and discussions.

Training Results

  • Review performing teams and their norms for performance
  • Discuss existing team norms including what builds and breaks trust
  • Identify and discuss team norms related to effective communication, conflict resolution, and decision making
Discover Business EQ

Empower your employees and leadership to understand their critical emotions and behaviours that impact their performance. 

Understand how emotions can be managed to ensure greater task efficiency and effectiveness while examining personal barriers to change and typical defences to encourage self-insight. Learn about and practice emotions and behaviours in the workplace to produce more successful outcomes.

This program is a powerful and enjoyable experience for participants that will boost their Business EQ by operating at a deeper level of emotions and feelings that underpin behaviour.

Training Results

  • Clear understanding of Business EQ and how to use it to boost performance
  • An opportunity to learn and improve the way people work with each other
  • Techniques to deal with challenging interactions positively
  • Personal Business EQ reports and map to further develop success
Effective Communication

This team training will explore why misunderstandings happen, what gets in the way, and what we do about it.

Misunderstandings and assumptions are all too common in teams. Learn how to communicate clearly and ensure others listen. Communication preferences and challenges will be examined in this training through discussion and activities.

Training Results

  • Assess individual communication preferences and approaches
  • Examine four communication styles, their strengths, and conflict areas
  • Examine strategies and techniques for improving communication individually and organizationally
Effective Feedback

This team training will target the skills associated with giving and receiving feedback.

How do organizations develop effective teams that perform well together? They create environments where giving and receiving feedback is expected and comfortable. Participants will increase their feedback confidence through safe and fun practice activities.

Training Results

  • Examine the case for giving and receiving feedback, including the costs of not providing feedback
  • Experience feedback that is relevant and effective
  • Identify a simple feedback approach that has proven success
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback in fun and confidence building ways
Conflict and Communication

This training equips individuals and teams with the necessary knowledge and techniques for recognizing and resolving conflicts.

Conflict is a necessary though uncomfortable reality of working with others. Participants will identify individual and team approaches to managing conflict as well as practice reaching consensus through fun and insightful activities.

Training Results

  • Identify the main drivers of conflict according to neuroscience research
  • Examine strategies and principles for working through conflict effectively
  • Identify individual responses to conflict and how these responses can be beneficial or harmful
  • Examine how to reach consensus in a team and practice reaching consensus through fun and insightful activities
Personality Dimensions

A Canadian personality assessment that offers an understanding of personal motivation and human behaviour.

This tool helps identify personality preference as well as personality similarities and differences to promote understanding and appreciation of others.

Training Results

  • Increased collaboration and reduced conflicts
  • Improvement in job satisfaction and communication
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick days due to personality conflict
True Colors®

True Colors® is a personality assessment tool that creates awareness and insights into self and others regarding different motivations, actions, and communication approaches.

The colors of Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors®.

Training Results

  • Increase self-awareness and identify underlying motivations and values
  • Improve team communication
  • Fun and interactive – easily identify personality types
Amazing Team Challenge

Fun and informative outdoor challenges will have you laughing and learning together.

Experiencing your team in new ways with this outdoor program designed to promote healthier team and increase performance. Teams discover how to be tactical and more effective while working together.

Training Results

  • This program delivers a better understanding of team behaviours, preferences, strengths, and team dynamics
  • Participants complete a detailed assessment and receive a comprehensive description of their type preferences related to communication, task completion, and decision making styles
  • Team activities assist participants to understand the impact of preference on team dynamic
Living in the Moment (Improv)

Do you admire people who can think on their feet?

Discover your voice in this interactive session with activities that build confidence and strengthen your ability to respond in the moment.

Training Results

  • Increase confidence and trust in your ability to express yourself clearly
  • Participate in fun activities with lots of laughter
Appreciative Inquiry for Resilience in the Workplace

Build personal resilience and discover what you can do to achieve personal and professional effectiveness.

Identify your top five individual strengths and how they can be used to improve your life. Discuss what is working in your work life and how to build individual and organizational resilience.

Training Results

  • Identify your top five strengths
  • Examine what it means to be effective in your work life
  • Share your ideas and experiences related to being effective
  • Identify steps you could be taking to increase your workplace satisfaction

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