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Outplacement & On-Site Support For Employers

Support throughout the entire process.

Whether you are a small or large organization, our services help both employers and employees adjust when faced with change.

Providing service each step of the way.

To ensure all parties affected are able to move forward, we can take care of everything from pre-planning all the way through to post-implementation.

Services can include assisting with planning, communicating the termination and offering Outplacement Services to the affected employee(s), and providing support for remaining employees.


Our services are delivered confidentially and with care at your office or virtually across Canada.

Human Resources Support

We will assist to shape the process, guide the conversation, thus minimizing potential damage to both company and employee.

  • Organize and planning of notification meetings.
  • Support preparation to deliver the news.
  • Review/develop employee support packages (termination letter).
  • Provide training and information regarding best practices for termination(s), required resources, and program recommendations.
  • Plan effective communication with remaining staff.

Termination Assistance

We take each person and their individual needs seriously and enable individuals to emerge from terminations with dignity.

  • Assist with onsite or virtual termination – organize and plan notification meetings with support delivering the news.
  • Support displaced employee(s) to effectively communicate the termination news to family and friends – assist with ‘normalizing’ emotions.
  • Arrange to have displaced employee(s) return company property.
  • Guide the explanation of packages and set up necessary meetings, training, and coaching sessions to initiate the creation and implementation of an individualized career transition plan.

Outplacement Services

From executive to frontline positions, our Outplacement Services are tailored to help individuals move forward when employment change happens. With our assistance, those affected can adapt and gain confidence to transition into new employment quickly and successfully with flexible packages to suit their needs.

Click here to download our Outplacement Services Package information.

Support for Remaining Employees

We provide one-on-one group support for remaining employees after news of termination is delivered.

While downsizing/restructuring can have a positive effect on a business’s bottom line, there are benefits to investing in the employees who remain. Doing so will fuel staff productivity and boost their morale. By providing support for remaining employees, workplace trust improves which often leads remaining employees to flourish and grow.

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What people are saying about Agilec

"They've been a great partner to us in the past and I feel this is a great start to a bigger relationship. Everything was seamless throughout!!"
"Agilec is a great place. It helped me more than I expected."
"Wonderful experience, staff and location. Thank you for always being welcoming and kind."
"Another fantastic experience with Agilec!"
"Agilec always goes above and beyond. They are very professional friendly approachable. Answers my questions and concerns always in a timely manner."

Unsure of which service is right for you?

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