Service Packages

Outplacement Service Packages Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
One-to-One Career
Participants will be paired with a professional career coach who will mentor them during their transition.  
12 months 6 months 3 months 4 weeks
Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment
Tactical Plan Development
Coaches will help participants develop a customized tactical plan to ensure a smooth career transition. Plans are based on qualifications, experience, interests, and personal career goals and outline specific activities, resources, and timelines required to achieve success.
Cover Letter and Resume Review and Critique
Career Coaches will review documents and provide a detailed written critique.
Job Search Strategies and Techniques
Coaches assist in implementing a variety of job search techniques to support an effective job search.
Comprehensive Career Transition Guide
An electronic 90+ page Career Transition Guide to assist with the career journey.
Professional Resume Writing
Our resume writers develop a professional resume to display participant’s skills and effectively market themselves to employers.
Professional Cover Letter Writing
First impressions are lasting impressions. Our writers will develop a professional cover letter that will get the attention of recruiters while marketing participant's skills.
Job Search Tool Development
Development of a customized job search tracker, networking cards, reference page, and thank-you letters.
Interview Preparation
To ensure participants are making a good first impression, our coaches will help perfect their telephone and in-person interview skills.
Social Media Strategies
Explore the idea of using professional social networking to expand participant's networks and gain insightful information about companies, industry specific groups, and hidden job market leads. Participants work towards achieving a top notch profile and learn how to actively participate in these valuable job search tools.
Change Management
Our coaches will provide job loss coaching support and tools to help participan's positively manage through transition and change.
Mock Interview
Participants have the opportunity to practice their interview skills in a customized one-to-one mock interview scenario. Our coaches will review the resume and the posting they are interviewing for to tailor a custom mock interview and provide post-interview feedback and evaluation. Interviews can be in several formats including: Skype, panel, one-to-one, and telephone.
LinkedIn Profile Development
Development of a professional LinkedIn profile that displays participant’s skills and abilities to help attract the right opportunities through networking.
Participants will learn how to access job leads through networking opportunities, complete informational interviews, develop their "elevator pitch", reach out to their network, build relationships, and maintain their network.
Career Exploration and Planning
Assistance to make informed decisions for participant's future and provide the necessary tools for success. Coaches can help participants establish attainable and realistic career goals, provide assistance in analyzing individual strengths, motivators, and future career options in order to develop an action plan and realize career potential, and complete Career Mapping including educational Pathways.
Career Assessments
Participants will have access to career assessments to help identify skills, values, interests, and experience to determine career goals and/or market themselves to employers.
Entrepreneurial Alternatives
For participants who are considering starting their own business, our coaches can help connect you to resources and tools to determine how to finance your new business, build effective business plans, and complete labour market research to help participants develop their ideas.
Financial Planning and Advice
Referrals to experienced financial advisors to support with severance management, debt management, budgeting, and tax planning.
Targeted Lead Acquisition
Job acquisition support is provided by Agilec’s Employer Liaisons. Participants provide a list of ideal employers and our teams reach out to their networks to help mediate job acquisition.
Job Negotiation
Experienced coaches will educate/assist participants in determining their market worth, negotiating employment, salary, benefit, and/or vacation offers.
Access to Agilec LEARN
Access to our online learning resources, tools, and workshops covering a variety of topics such as resumes, cover letters, interviews, job search strategies, social media, workplace success, values and transferable skills, and information sessions on community programs and services.
Live Chat
Live chat, email, and phone access during business hours to an online coach.
We provide organizations with excellent value for their money by providing customized services to meet both employee and budgetary needs.
Outplacement Pricing Platinum


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