Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

When job change happens, it’s important for the affected to adjust quickly and move forward. 

At Agilec, we believe that everyone’s job search needs are different, and in order to help individuals develop their full potential the services they require should be customized to their specific needs. Services are tailored to the needs of individuals in the broadest form; from C-Suite Executive positions to frontline roles.

Why Outplacement Services are Important to Employers

There are countless benefits for employers in utilizing Outplacement services to support their terminated employees. Here are some reasons that we think are especially important:

Protect Your Brand And Reputation

Outplacement services help employers protect their brand by demonstrating to existing employees that they care about staff even when they are departing an employee. It’s a competitive world and we know how quickly one unhappy customer can turn into many, the same goes for departing employees. Outplacement services provides employers the opportunity to be proactive in protecting their brand by minimizing the impact of employee damages as a result of termination. When employers provide Outplacement services they demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they are brand worth backing. 

Termination Is Hard

Outplacements services can reduce stress and emotional impact on all parties including the employer, remaining employees, and departing employee(s). Our professionals offer on-site outplacement assistance and coaching to employers to ensure a safe and secure departure of employees and support for remaining staff.

Terminated Employee Will Find Employment Faster

Outplacement services help reduce the cost of unemployment compensation while helping employers mitigate organization risk of legal claims and not-to-mention helping the departing employee get a new pay check faster. 

Improve Your Hiring Influence

You may be departing an employee but chances are you may have a position to fill in the future. Including Outplacement services as part of your benefit package offerings increases your competitive advantage for attracting high-talent employees by becoming a brand that is well-respected in the local market.  

Outplacement is not just for large business, it’s for all employers. 

Why Choose Agilec?

Agilec values the unique needs of each individual. We embed our core values of team, inclusiveness, empowerment, person-centred, excellence, and integrity as the foundation each interaction. We believe that the job search needs of each individual are unique, which is why we do not prescribe pre-planned career transition rather, we help individuals reach their potential through providing them the customized services they need, when they need it. Our customized and packaged solutions offer a fast and sustainable approach which supports the whole person; helping individuals come to terms with job change and move forward with their lives. At Agilec, we liaise with our clients with discretion and professionalism and adhere to a robust Customer Service Charter. 

Our Services

With over 19 locations throughout Ontario, we are easily accessible by both personal and public transit. Many of our offices offer a fully accessible Centre featuring boardrooms, and office spaces for one-to-one meetings.

To remain flexible to the needs of the candidates we serve, Agilec offers service in person, online, and/or over the phone. Online services can be accessed through our website from anywhere the candidates has access to the Internet, including mobile devices. Candidates are provided with a unique ID number to access these services - upon enrollment in service. We are happy to provide all candidates with both a toll free (800-361-4642) and local number (where we have office locations) to reach our staff. 

Onsite Termination Assistance

Employee meeting support can be provided on an individual or group basis. Agilec will take part in a preparation and debrief meeting with Human Resources and/or the Manager and arrive for final preparation prior to the termination meeting with the employee. Following the termination, the onsite consultant will meet with the terminated employee. The intent of this meeting is to assist the employee in coping with their emotions and normalizing their reactions following the termination. We take each person and their individual needs seriously and work to enable individuals to emerge from terminations with dignity. 

Human Resource/Employer Support For Termination

  • Available onsite consultant with twenty-four hours of notice        
  • Assistance organizing and planning notification meetings
  • Support preparing to deliver the news
  • Guidance on explaining packages and introducing career transition services
  • Planning effective communication for remaining staff
  • On-site support at the termination meeting including assistance to collect company property from employees and arranging to return it to the employer
  • Reviewing the employer support packages (termination letter)
  • Candidate satisfaction report with survey results from the employees who accessed service
  • Quarterly Take-Up Rate Report
  • Training/information sessions for HR Business Partners on the services, as well as best practice termination processes and program recommendations

Employee Support During Termination

  • Offer assistance to make transportation arrangements
  • Help the employee to their means of transportation
  • Support on how to communicate the news to family, friends, and others
  • Assist the employee to gather their belongings and make a gracious exit from the building
  • Review the employer support packages (termination letter)
  • Explain career planning and search assistance provided by Agilec
  • Provide program descriptions and Agilec contact information
  • Gather personal information (including cellular phone) to facilitate ongoing communications and ensure employees engage in the service
  • Connect with the employee after the event to set up necessary meetings/seminars, coaching sessions, etc., to create and implement career transition plans
  • Support for employees on working notice

Outplacement Services Packages

Outplacement Services Packages for a full list of our services packages.

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