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Training Certificate Programs

We have continuous learning opportunities.

Offering continuous learning opportunities is important for us at Agilec and we know it is important for learners.

Enhance Credentials

Remain Current with Trends

Improve Employability


Meet Requirements for Credentialing

Certificate Programs

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Mental Health and Wellness Certificate

This certificate program includes training in Emotional Intelligence at Work, How to Build Resilience, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and Why Mental Health Matters.

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Workplace Communications Certificate

This certificate program includes training in Emotional Intelligence at Work, Giving Feedback, Conflict 101, Personality Dimensions, Influencing Change Through Feedback, Bridging the Generational Gap, and Effective Communication.

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Team Health and Organizational Culture Certificate

This certificate program includes training in Team Health, Personality Dimensions, Bridging the Generational Gap, Emotional Intelligence at Work, Effective Communication, and Giving Feedback.

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Ethics in the Workplace Certificate

This certificate program includes training in Bringing Ethics to Life, Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Decision Making, Lessons in Objectivity, and Unconscious Bias.

Here’s how it works.

  • Purchase

  • Enroll in required courses

  • Enroll in “my choice” courses

  • Complete your training

  • Request certificate

CEU Submissions

Pre-approved CEUs are attached to many of our training offerings.
Pre-approved codes can be found within the certificate/training links under the ‘About this Course’ tab.

– Information about Agilec Training Programs –

Course Delivery: Courses are delivered through webinar or e-learning to offer you optimal flexibility. Webinars are scheduled multiple times throughout the year.

Certificate Requirements: Certificate Programs are scheduled to have between 10-15 hours of learning time in total. Courses may be taken throughout the year in any sequence. Courses do not have pre-requisites. Learners have between 12 and 18 months to complete all certificate requirements. Upon completion of all required courses, a certificate will be issued to the learner.

Note: If learners have completed courses required for a certificate in the last 12 months, please contact us. We will enrol learners in remaining courses and pro-rate the certificate amount.

Group Packages

Are you interested in group training for 5 or more?

Call us today at 1-800-361-4642 x3010 or book an online consult appointment with us.

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