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We can help you with your vocational rehabilitation needs.

Whether it’s providing vocational or functional assessments, setting up work-hardening programs, or developing a customized suite of return-to-work services, we can help.

Vocational and Functional Assessments

When you need a vocational or functional assessment, you’re searching for cost-efficiency, reliability, objectivity, and flexibility. And, above all, you need highly-qualified, experienced assessors.


Services include:
  • Initial assessments
  • Brief rapid assessments
  • Psychological assessments
  • Vocational evaluations
  • Functional work capacity assessment
  • In-home occupational therapy assessment
  • Ergonomic assessment or job demands analysis
  • Job site analysis
  • Ergonomic assessments and workstation assessments
  • Transferable skills analysis
Job Placement and Development

Agilec is a pioneer in this proven approach to workforce reentry. Since 1985, we’ve provided options to assist workers in their safe return to the workplace.

We offer a range of work hardening and job trial programs throughout Ontario.

Services include:
  • Work Hardening
  • Job Trial
  • Special Work Placement
  • Supported Return-to-Work
  • Job Search Training
  • Job Search Support
  • Job Development
  • Job Coaching (functional and cognitive)
Specialized Services
Services include:
  • Proactive Case Management

  • Return-to-Work Coordination

  • Motivational Interviewing and Vocational Counselling

  • Stay-at-Work Support

  • Claims Settlement

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