Why is this question asked? What information should you share? I’ve witnessed numerous answers to this – some really too much and some just about right. Remember…this is just an icebreaker. It is not the time to start sharing your whole work history in chronological order or who your family is or where you grew up. Your answer to this can be less than a minute long…answer and then smile.

But how should you start to answer this? My favourite way is to start with “Co-workers who knew me best would say…” and fill in the blank. It is important to note the type of position you are applying for – what transferable skills could you highlight. Even though it is an icebreaker question you still want to get started off in a positive manner and lay the groundwork for a successful outcome.

Do you have another approach you use? Please share what has worked for you in the past or if you are braver what hasn’t worked. We would love to hear from you.

By Michelle O’Donohoe, Resident Blogger for Agilec

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