We all know that marketing is a major component of business – you use it to sell a product and highlight the benefits that it would provide the buyer. The same goes for job searching – you are the product/service and the employer is the purchaser!

This should not be a hard sell if you are what the employer is looking for. But many times people aren’t sure how to market themselves as the answer to the employer’s needs. You have a small window to sell yourself – maybe it’s through networking, a resume or an interview – anyway you look at it, you need to be prepared.

Here are some steps to take to that will help:

Know Yourself – make a list of all the skills and experience you can bring to a position and sell it. It’s sometimes difficult to think of oneself in these terms so you can ask past coworkers/managers or friends/family to help you identify your strengths, abilities, and successes. Study this list and be ready with it at all times.

Network – get out there and sell, sell, sell yourself! Every person you talk to could be the link you are looking for to your dream job. It is important that you make a good first impression at all times because you never know when or where you will be selling yourself. And someone who might seem irrelevant to your job search goal could “know someone who knows someone” so don’t overlook anyone!

Testimonials and Referrals – people rely on other’s experience with a product/service to help them decide if it’s right for them. An employer will do the same and wants some proof that you can do what you say. Providing a list of references is a normal practice these days but you can also consider providing letters of recommendation from past employers to help sell yourself ahead of the others.

Following up – this is the last and possibly the most important step in marketing because all your efforts are for nothing if the customer doesn’t buy the product. You want to close the deal. Make sure to send a thank-you note/email after an interview that reiterates the benefits you will provide the employer.

Hiring someone carries a risk for employers so be sure to highlight the benefits you can provide to the job and make them feel confident in their investment.

by Renae Zurkan, Guest Blogger for Agilec

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