Who says good manners are a thing of the past? Don’t risk your professional reputation to a social blunder. Make sure you’re conveying the right message every time.

In today’s working climate it’s important to maintain good relationships. Here are some basics of good business etiquette:

ŸDress the part. One must dress keeping in mind the position, the work manner and the work culture present. This will help build an image of you and your workplace. Ask the appropriate questions regarding the attire that will be acceptable in your workplace or the function that you will be attending as a representative of your company. People are likely to form positive impressions about your abilities and the professionalism of the organization your represent.

Master introductions by developing a professional handshake. People often form initial impressions of other people based on their handshake. When you meet a new person, or greet a business associate in a formal setting, it’s advisable to extend your hand and offer a firm handshake. This can help build a cordial relationship with other organizations and it goes a long way in the business world.

Time is a factor. Always be on time, never late. Whether it’s a meeting or a conference, be sure to be there 10-15 minutes early. Being late can affect the image that other colleagues or businesses might have you. Individuals who have the habit and reputation for punctuality tend to be viewed much more favorably by colleagues, customers, and clients.

Emails and calls. Make sure that you answer all emails and phone messages within 24 hours, with the answers people are requesting. This will help build a relationship and prove to clients and employers that they are important. Always be courteous and polite when you answer the phone or respond to emails. Sound professional, positive and sincere when you answer the phone.

Remember to represent yourself professionally in any situation and you will succeed.

We can all use a refresher on proper protocol and its lasting effects.  What tip do you have?

by Carole Marinier, Resident Blogger for Agilec

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