Scenario: You just said yes to a Skype interview! Now what?

Here are a few things to think of before your interview to help you prepare and have a successful video conferencing interview.


Ensure that you have the program or APP downloaded properly and you are familiar with how it works and how to log in. Try testing it and make yourself comfortable with its features.

Print out the job description and a copy of your resume. And write down the interviewer’s phone number or skype contact information, in case you get disconnected and need to call the interviewer back.

Dress as you would for an in-person interview. Remember some clothing may look awful on screen. Make sure what you wear doesn’t clash with your background. ALSO, dress top to bottom so that if you stand up, you are not seen wearing your favourite sweats or pjs!

Find a quiet place where you are free to speak without interruption. Make sure there is great lighting in the room for the best image on the camera. Have a clean wall as your backdrop.

Avoid technical issues by making sure your Internet connection is reliable and your computer is working great! Again, just like in the first point, try testing it and make yourself comfortable with its features before the time of the interview.

Close or disable extra features and programs running in the background. Turn off all programs that might pop up with an alert, such as e-mail or instant messaging.

Try and relax. This is probably the hardest part but remember, as a person who has interviewed candidates using Skype, the interviewee is just as self-conscious about how they look on screen as you!

by Anna Bennett, Blogger for Agilec


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