Workplace humour can be very popular. Humour is a definite necessity to a healthy life at work and at home but we don’t always admit it or recognize its power. Humour binds us together, lightens our burdens and helps us keep everything in perspective.

Life at the workplace can be monotonous without humour. When people are enthusiastic, the workplace ambience becomes fun. You look forward to meeting your friends at work. You enjoy the casual camaraderie among your colleagues. The teamwork improves productivity and work performance. Laughter can also help diffuse hostility and encourage cooperation when working in a team and completing projects. People who laugh well together work well together.

Before you head out for a crash course on how to become a comic, we must realize that a good sense of humour is not only telling jokes or firing off witty remarks, but not taking yourself too seriously and keeping a positive attitude.

  • Giggle with the group; you can be seen as having a great sense of humour without ever telling a joke, just listen to those around you and share in their laughter…it is contagious after all!
  • Get with it; remind yourself to have fun every day. Place humorous cartoons and quotes in your personal workplace.
  • Join a friendly committee; hang around friends or co-workers that have a sense of humour. Spend time with those who are upbeat and avoid negative situations whenever possible.

What do you think? Do you believe that infusing more humour into the workplace can improve productivity at work?

by Carole Marinier, Blogger for Agilec


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