Do you leave employment interviews with more questions than answers? Do you find yourself wondering if you have the necessary information to make a decision? One sure way to gather some information about company culture and work ethics may be to ask the following:

How will I be spending my day/week?

Try to obtain a relatively clear picture of your future work life – in this job – at this specific organization. Be sure to explore key work-life components such as; co-workers, teaming, how you will be supervised, representative assignments, work from home options and travel.

Bottom line: More information equals a better decision.

You want to see how organized the company is with staff, projects, deadlines and priorities. 

Listen for key words that can demonstrate organizational unity, “everyone works together, one big happy family”, or “organizational independence, you are given tasks and are expected to work independently, at your speed but with tight deadlines.”

These might include:

  1. “By Friday you are responsible to clear up all voice mails, answer all calls and messages, check all appointment and make a list of top priorities for Monday.”
  2. “Set priorities for the week, review progress of existing projects, check calendar to determine appointment for the upcoming week, meet staff every morning to discuss pressing issues.”
  3. “We like staff to be at work at least 30 minutes before start time for meetings and/or important tasks.”

This question might help you make a better decision when accepting a job offer.

Tell me about an average day in your current job?

by Carole Marinier, Resident Blogger Agilec


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