The wrong clothes can make or break your chances at a new job and a fashion mistake at a job interview not only creates a bad first impression, it could cost you the job.

Some hiring managers say fashion and grooming mistakes can spoil a candidate’s prospects almost instantly. It’s easy to research how employees dress at an organization, yet fashion faux-pas occur on a regular basis.

Your appearance not only shows that you’re taking the opportunity seriously, that you are eager to make a good impression, and that you’d fit in nicely with the corporate culture; it can also communicate that you have respect for the interview.

Try avoiding these mishaps.

1. Do your homework about any company you’re targeting and hoping to work for. Job candidates should wear appropriate clothing for any given organization, whether it’s a white-shoe law firm or a fashion magazine. Do err on the conservative side. Don’t think fashionable, think more conservative. You want your accomplishments to do the talking, not your wardrobe.

2. Tattoos are so common today, and acceptable in most work places, yet during an interview, distinctive tattoos can distract from the interview.

3. Some employers object to candidates who wear a too-revealing style of clothing to interviews. Dress your best for the interview and if you’re not sure of the dress code, check with the person who scheduled the interview.

4. The interview isn’t the time or place to prove you’re an early adopter of new fashion. Some job candidates arrive at interviews with more than just their resumes. Stay away from in-your-face designer logos and over-the-top jewelry. Experts agree that laptops, mobile devices, backpacks and messenger bags at interviews don’t count as fashion accessories.

5. Don’t wear perfume or aftershave. You never know if your interviewer is allergic and this isn’t a good way to find out.

What do you think is an appropriate dress code for an interview?

by Carole Marinier, Blogger for Agilec


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