The holidays are not an easy time to be out of work. There is little or no money coming in and it is hard to pay regular expenses let alone think about getting other’s wonderful gifts. So maybe it is time to rethink what this time is really about?

The saying ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ does not help either, unless we rethink it. Here is my logic. Someone gives and someone receives. This year you are not in a giving situation. It is your turn to be that someone who receives. So be someone who receives with grace. As a person who works in the employment field, I really enjoy helping people and it makes me feel fantastic especially when I am able to truly help someone and that person is truly grateful. For someone to receive my help graciously and say thank you, this is a gift for me – the best gift ever.

So, this year, let family and friends know how they can help you in a real way and when they do, then sincerely thank them for that gift. Tell them how their gift made a difference in your life and make a promise to yourself that when you are in a better financial situation, you will help someone in a similar way. Your gift to them is your smile, your sincere thanks and most of all, accepting the gift.

The holiday season is meant to be a season of joy, family and friendship. Figure out how to make that work for you!

by Jill Galloway, blogger for Agilec



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