No. Yes. Maybe?

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a workday and instead of focusing on your tasks you were fantasizing about marching over to your manager and handing in that white crisp sheet of paper titled, “Resignation letter”? We’ve all done it. We have all sat at one point in our careers thinking “That’s it; I’ve had enough and today is the day. I’m done. I’ll finally go after a new job, spend more time with my family and dare I say, sleep in a little”! That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Of course it does, until bills accumulate, job leads are going nowhere and recruiters are not responsive.

Leaving a workplace is an important step in career advancement and the timing of it is absolutely crucial. Ideally you leave a job exclusively after you already have another offer.

Searching for another opportunity while employed will also give you the freedom to be picky and opt for a position that is better than your current one; when you job search without having another offer you risk diving into the trap of lowering your standards and settling for yet another unsatisfying job as time passes and opportunities don’t happen. This will take you back to square one and land you into the vicious circle of not being satisfied with your job and quitting again.

Financial security is another benefit of waiting until you receive another offer: while you may not be happy with the position you currently have, a steady income will pay the bills and put your mind at ease until you find something better.  Be careful however to not let that stay in your way of actively looking.

With all that in mind some individuals thrive on stress and opportunity. If you are the type of individual who seeks opportunities and takes risks, then leaving your job without another offer may be the right option for you. Quitting your job can facilitate your creativity and it can, perhaps, allow you to start your own business like you’ve always wanted. It also allows you to take some time and reassess your career goals while giving you the opportunity to attend more interviews considering the extra time.

Whatever your choice is, remember that it has to help you advance in your career. Whether your advancement lies in a better position, better pay, or just a better environment, quitting your current job should benefit your career and not set you back.

by Sandra Stepan, Monthly Blogger for Agilec


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