I am blessed to be able to work most days remotely (aka working from home). I do enjoy it, but I also had some bumps along the way. Here are a few things that I do every day to make it work.

Get dressed. I get ready. I get ready just like I would go to the office. I never work in my pajamas even though that is the first question I get from people when I tell them I work from home.

Be available. I stay in contact and contactable. My coworkers and clients are able to reach me by email, Google Talk, text, phone and social media.

Stay Informed. I stay current with all my emails and other workplace communication. I’m proud to say that my inbox does not have any unread emails. I log onto other work place communication and try extra hard to stay up-to-date with events, new processes and all other things work related.

Unplug. I haven’t quite mastered this tip but I know I should really work on it. It is easy to work all the time when working from home. You get an email and you want to reply. But there is a time and place for work. Set your limits and make your work-life balance a priority.

by Anna Bennett, Blogger for Agilec


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