Many of us experience problems at work. Our responses to specific problems can determine how quickly and efficiently the situation will be resolved. We need to take the initiative to discuss any concerns we may have with either our fellow co-workers or employer so that any workplace issues can quickly be alleviated to decrease any stressors we may encounter when completing our everyday job.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Approach the issue constructively. Determine the cause of your concern and if it warrants a discussion with an appropriate co-worker. Your employer appreciates your initiative to resolve minor issues at work.
  • Identify resolutions and be prepared to offer potential solutions. This demonstrates your ability to analyze the concern and come up with key problem solving ideas.
  • Select a convenient time.  When approaching your employer or co-worker with a concern, schedule a ‘right’ time to have a conversation. 

Remember to maintain a positive-but-firm attitude that encourages immediate and permanent change.

What other tips do you recommend?

by Carole Marinier, Monthly blogger for Agilec


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