A role model falls into people’s lives in a variety of ways. We could be educators, parents, leaders, peers or ordinary people that have a knack of motivating others. It’s not only the person with the best job, greatest fame or most responsibility that can be a role model.

Being a role model or a mentor, is a way for people to learn from each other and a way for people to communicate. An individual with a clear sense of what is important to them, and someone who can put forth the effort to improve or create things that will make a difference.

It can be an individual who possesses the quality that we would like to have or those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be a better person.

I once had a teacher that was so dedicated to teaching us her professional skills and helping others in a humanitarian way that this helped empower us to do the same and try to mirror some of her ability and passion.

How can I become a role model? Here are some tips on how we can help others:

  • Help a person develop. Give them guidance or offer real-life examples of how to achieve their goals.
  • Encourage and inspire. Send this message through your actions.
  • Have a sense of purpose and know who you are.
  • Make an individual feel good about themselves, bring out the positivity in others.

What are some other qualities do you believe a role model should possess? What are some of your role model stories?

by Carole Marinier, Monthly Blogger for Agilec


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