Your messages are more powerful than you can imagine. It can quickly inspire, educate, entertain or be a quick reminder of something upcoming.

We have all heard about writing clearly – following rules such as spelling, formatting, creativity, and proofreading but at times we all need a reminder to cut the fat or as others put it, get to the point of your message.

Its not always easy but we may need to chop off some sentences, maybe even irrelevant paragraphs.  If it doesn’t serve a purpose, it should go. I know it can be painful, but this may save you time during the day when you are already on a tight deadline and it can make your message more clear to the reader.

To help you chop out any unnecessary words – read what you have written, leaving out parts that you question. If your message still makes sense, then leave out the excess.

There are several other tips to help us all with our writing.

What are some of your favorites?

by Carole Marinier, Monthly Blogger for Agilec


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