A word that often comes up in job ads is RELIABILITY. Do you know what the employer means by that? Here are a few ideas on what they are really looking for from you:

  • An employer wants someone who will be at work on-time and ready to go. Showing up at the door at 12:00 for a 12:00 shift is not ready to go. Coming into work 10 minutes before your shift is best for you, your co-workers and your supervisors.
  • An employer or supervisor wants someone who follows directions, gets work done with not much more management. They want to be able to trust you in getting things done.
  • An employer looks for someone who pays attention to detail. This shows in quality of work!
  • Sitting around and looking like you are wasting time is never a good thing. Employers want an employee who spends their time effectively and produces quality work and finishes tasks on time.
  • Similar to following directions, employers want someone who follows and knows Health and Safety practices. By following Health and Safety practices, you are not only keeping yourself safe but everyone who works with you as well, not to mention customers and visitors!

Think of ways how you demonstrate your reliability on a daily basis. Are you a reliable team member? Employee? Could you improve? Understanding and reflecting on how reliable you are, or could be as an employee, is very important to an employer and you as well!

If you are looking for a way to add your reliability to your resume, you could use words like dependable, consistent, trustworthy, etc. to start accomplishment statements.


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Information gathered for this entry comes from the Agilec – Employment Rights and Responsibilities Workshop and Ontario Skills Passport website. For information about an upcoming workshop, contact 1-800-361-4642 and we can get you connected!

by Anna Bennett
Professional Career Services and Web Based Services Consultant


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