It seems like every job ad or job description out there has teamwork incorporated into it somewhere. Do you know what the employer really means by that? Here are a few ideas on what really they are looking for from you:

  • Employers want you to work willingly and positively with others
  • Employers want to see you showing respect for the ideas and opinions of others
  • Employers want you to take responsibility for your share of the work
  • Employers want to see you contributing to the team effort by sharing information, resources, and expertise

Think of ways how you demonstrate teamwork on a daily basis. Are you a good team member? Could you be better? What can you add to your current team? What would other team members say about you? Understanding and reflecting about your role in your current or past teams, whether positive or negative, is a great first step in knowing how your fulfill the ‘teamwork’ requirement in the workplace.

If you are looking for a way to add your teamwork abilities to your resume, you could use words like co-operate, communicate, coordinate, contribute, etc. to start accomplishment statements.


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Information gathered for this entry comes from the Agilec – Employment Rights and Responsibilities Workshop and Ontario Skills Passport website. For information about an upcoming workshop, contact 1-800-361-4642 and we can get you connected!

by Anna Bennett
Professional Career Services and Web Based Services Consultant


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