It’s not possible to know everything and at times it can be difficult to stay up to date in our chosen career fields.  With constant growth and changes, this means that there are always new things to learn and upgrades so that we can remain versatile in our current roles.

It’s important to stay informed in an ever-changing and growing work force, whether it’s buying a new book on improving your skills or actively going out and researching programs and night courses, these steps might just give you the incentive to keep your career interesting as well as inspire you to remain motivated.  

How can we stay current?

Teach and Learn.
One way to force ourselves to keep our current skills up-to-date can be to teach others. This can involve giving advice, feedback or doing private teaching sessions. Being open to learning the latest technology or new career terms from our colleagues is also a great way to expand our knowledge on a subject, always expanding our awareness with new terms and career focused topics.

Try something new.
It can take a lot of effort to learn everything at once, so why not just take one baby step at a time? With each new project, implement something new, then put into practice what you have just learned, this method can keep your project interesting and you can dazzle a client with the extra effort. 

Build networking relationships.
Never underestimate the power of learning from each other and working together. Participate in workshops, training events and always be active in your industry. By sharing and responding to others you can become aware of new trends more quickly and offer more help as well.

How do you learn new things and stay current in your role?

by Carole Marinier, Monthly Blogger for Agilec


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