A day when I get to facilitate a Personality Dimensions workshop is by far one of my happiest days. The anticipation of working with a group of people and bringing them together on a personal journey fills my soul with an amazing energy, it is indescribable. It is pure joy for me to watch individuals learn about themselves and what makes them tick as well as learning and understanding others.

Personality Dimensions is an interactive and fun workshop where individuals complete an assessment and then interact with various group activities. I enjoy watching the group learn and appreciate different personalities in the room and value all the attributes that each personality brings to the table. Personality Dimensions helps people communicate on a whole new level, once everyone understands the various personalities.

Many people share with me that they have “light bulb“ moments about themselves when participating in the workshop. They realize why they have had conflict or communication problems with various people in their lives and they learn how to communicate in a better way and start to view various individuals with a different lens.

by Louise Shea, Workshop Facilitator for Northern Lights Canada


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