What does it mean to have a ‘good attitude’?  Is it taking the initiative when projects are introduced to the team or helping your colleagues when they require an extra hand or call in sick?

Having a good attitude will do more than give you respect among your peers; it’s about taking responsibility for yourself, and by adopting this positive outlook, many more doors will open for you when moving forward in your career. Your positive outlook plays an important role in your job performance and can help improve your work experience on a daily basis.

Here are some things that can guide you in keeping your ‘good attitude’ at work:

  • Stay relaxed when faced with adversity.  Keeping a positive attitude will project to the people around you and they will begin to mimic your behaviour knowing that as a team you can conquer any unforeseen projects or circumstances.
  • Make a list of all the positive things in your workplace, such as working indoors, technology that works, bug free, staff washroom or even a staff kitchen to enjoy your lunch, windows with a view, a jar of candies, and share one of your list items with your co-worker that might be having an off day.
  • Point out what works for you and see if this method will work for others, or ask them what system they used in the past that was effective and work together to solve their current emergency.

Remember that everyone is doing the best they can and no one can do everything perfectly.

What good attitude behaviour has worked for you in your workplace?

Carole Marinier | Monthly Blogger | Agilec


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