Hiring and firing is pretty straight forward, so why would small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) involve a Human Resource professional to do something that they feel they can do fine on their own?

The #honesttruth is that hiring and firing is a very small part of the responsibilities of an HR professional. Without consulting a professional, business owners may be taking on risks they are not even aware of.

What risks are SMB owners taking when they engage in the do-it-yourself approach to HR?

The risks are endless. To answer the question above, SMB owners need to ask themselves the following: with the million and one thing’s on your to-do-list, are you up-to-date with the most recent laws, standards, and mandatory employee-related requirements to ensure that both your business and your staff are maintaining compliance?

HR professionals are responsible for so much more than talent acquisition. They help you manage your most valuable resource – your employees. This includes helping to keep your business and your staff in compliance with acts, laws, and legislation.

The top three areas HR professionals are responsible for are:

HR extends beyond simply hiring and firing – it helps you protect your business from very expensive and drawn-out legal implications while attracting top talent and making your organization a top employer of choice.

Would you like to talk to someone about your small- to medium-sized business HR needs? Agilec offers affordable HR assistance that is available to your business. You can learn more here.


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