Finding meaningful work begins with getting to know yourself, or the self-assessment step of career exploration. Too often when individuals begin thinking about the transition to a new career or job, they want a quick answer. Knowing yourself assists you to make an informed career plan.

Benefits of Career Exploration

  • Identify what is important to you
  • Confirm your skills and strengths
  • Match yourself to work that is a fit

There are steps you can take to plot your path and really understand what you want in a career:

1. Identifying your values
Knowing your values or what’s most important to you will help you find work that is satisfying. Values are the beliefs and ideas that guide your actions. Honesty, service, and helping others are all examples of values.

2. Reflect on your experience
Reflecting on your most satisfying work and life experiences is another way to uncover important values, strengths, and skills. Often, we are energized when we use our personal strengths to complete tasks. That’s why these show up frequently in meaningful moments.

3. Dig deeper
Assessing your education, skills, interests, and personality can help you decide what your next steps can be towards a satisfying career and be better prepared to present this information to potential employers.

Self-assessment is an essential part of the career planning process, and it places the focus on the job seeker – you!

To learn more about Career Exploration and gain access to our online assessments and tools, visit our Online Resource Centre.

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