Agilec is celebrating 35 years! It has been a wonderful journey together and these years of success would not have been possible without our amazing team, partners, and customers – you have all been an integral part of our history and for that we thank you! We look forward to continuing our work helping people and organizations develop their potential.

Along the way, Agilec has been thrilled to share in some very special moments with our team members:

Adrianne Haight – with Agilec for 20 years
For 20 years, I have baked yummy treats for the most amazing work family anyone could ever hope for – Cheers to 35+ more years!!Adrianne Haight wishing Agilec a happy 35th anniversary








Ashley Sweeney – with Agilec for 4 years
I celebrated my marriage and the birth of my second son while at Agilec!
Ashley Sweeney











Julie Crate – with Agilec for 14 years
I have celebrated the birth of my only child (Jaxson), purchase of my first home and 13 birthdays while working at Agilec.Julie Crate







Vicki Martel – with Agilec for 19 years
I celebrated the birth of 2 great kids while at Agilec! Happy birthday Agilec and many more!
Vicki Martel









Edit Giffin
– with Agilec for 7 years
During my time here I have got to celebrate watching my son graduate from elementary school.Edit Giffin











Barb Hinsperger – with Agilec for 33 years
I track my wedding anniversary with this date as I was married in 1985 as well! Agilec is FLEXIBLE! With each of my 3 children I cut back one day of work per week. By the time I had the 3rd, I was barely working, so I knew it was time to stop! Celebrating through the years has been awesome – holiday parties, work anniversaries, babies, new projects, amazing individual and team accomplishments. I always say, “I never laugh/work harder than when I am on the job with Agilec!”.Barb Hinsperger











Rita Duchesne – with Agilec for 15 years
Agilec and I are celebrating turning 35 this year!
Rita Duschende






Chantal Marulaz – with Agilec for 4.5 years
I’m the Team Lead for the VAC project. I started out as an EC at the Courtice office, then a bilingual EC for the VAC project. During my time at Agilec, I’ve celebrated my wedding and the birth of my son.
Chantal Marulaz











Wendy Legere – with Agilec for 28 years
Happy 35th Birthday Agilec! When I started with Agilec, the entire company could fit in one small room. We have grown in so many ways. One thing that hasn’t changed is our values. I’m so happy to have been a part of the journey.
Wendy Legere









Katherine (Kat) Orban – with Agilec for 8 months
Wishing Agilec the Happiest Birthday! What a great year to turn 35! Both Agilec and I get to celebrate being 35 this year! I’ve been with Agilec for only 8 months, but immediately felt like I was part of the family! This has been such a fun and welcoming environment and I am looking forward to celebrating many more occasions with everyone here!
Kat Orban














Lisa Yassein – with Agilec for 32 years
35 years of fun, adventure, and progress with much more to come!
Lisa Yassein









Brett Landsborough – with Agilec for 3 weeks
Got here just in time for the party!
Brett Landsborough











Sue Collings – with Agilec for 28 years
Happy 35th Anniversary Agilec! I am proud to say I work for such a great company and with great people.
Sue Collings







Renae Zurkan – with Agilec for 16 years
I have celebrated many great moments while working here… my wedding, the purchase of my first home, and the adoption of my fur-baby Bustopher Jones. Thank you to my Agilec family for being there every step of the way. Wishing us all many more celebrations!

Renae Zurkan












Mary-Jo White – with Agilec for 23 years
Happy 35 and thanks for the years of laughter, good times and many adventures, cheers to many more.
Mary-Jo White









Evelina Pawlowski – with Agilec for 5 years
During this time we celebrated the birth of our first child Ella on May 7, 2019. My fiancé Chris and I couldn’t be happier (YES, we just got engaged too!!).
Evelina Pawlowski











Danette Anthony – with Agilec for 21 years
I have celebrated too many milestones to count while at Agilec.
Danette Anthony













Jerry Power – with Agilec for 3 years
We both turn 35 this year!
Jerry Power







Kelly Bidon – with Agilec for 25 years
25 years – 300 months – 1304 weeks – 9,125 days – 219,000 hours – 13,140,000 minutes – 1 marriage – 2 houses – two kids – six cats – one rabbit – one dog and a TON of GREAT friendships and memories.

Kelly Bidon












Donna Newell – with Agilec for 19 years
Happy 35th Agilec! This adventure began almost 19 years ago. Change has created many ups and downs along the way but Agilec has survived it all!
Donna Newell







Innisfil Team – Jennifer, Cheryl, Mary-Ellen, Jessi, Robyn
Combined 35 years of employment!
Agilec Innisfil Team








Karen Eno – with Agilec for 18 years
Celebrating Agilec’s 35th and my 35th year wedding anniversary (Sept 21, 1985).

Karen Eno








Lynn Clark – with Agilec for 5 years
In the last 5 years I have celebrated the birth of my twin grandsons and 35 years ago there was a beer shortage! Well if I can adjust to these changes and challenges I know that like Agilec will continue to be the shining star that we are with changes and challenges that are possibly more important than these two issues. It’s not surprising to see how far we have come in 35 years! Happy 35th Anniversary Agilec!
Lynn Clark











Sharon Knudson – with Agilec for 4 years
I discovered my passion on July/19 for FAT BIKING which brings me EXTREME joy!!! Thank you to Agile for supporting my wellness/life-work balance. Happy 35th Birthday!!!
Sharon Knudsen








Rachael Miller (and Gordon) – with Agilec for 1.5 years
Rachael Miller











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