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Agilec is pleased to offer Mental Health First Aid Canada Training to you in your community. MHFA Canada is an evidence-based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Mental Health Commission of Canada
This 12-hour certification course trains you to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and how to handle situations that can occur in your workplace.

Create a culture of support and awareness.

Reduce the stigma associated with mental health in your workplace and potentially save the life of a loved one, co-worker, or client/customer.

Recognize these signs and symptoms:

  • Substance misuse and substance-related disorders
  • Mood-related disorders, including depression and bipolar
  • Anxiety and trauma-related disorders, including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia

Learn how to handle these situations:

  • Overdosing, signs and symptoms, as well as what to do until a healthcare professional arrives
  • Assisting someone who is at a risk of suicide
  • Acute stress reactions including panic attacks and how you can assist
  • Psychotic episodes and what you need to know
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