Learn how to work with resistance rather than against it.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a proven psychological, client-centred approach that helps individuals overcome ambivalence and build their own argument for change. Our MI training provides participants with an understanding of the process and helps them to develop the skills required to create an environment where clients build their confidence and ultimately achieve the results they desire.

Access our training anytime and at your own pace.

With our online MI training, you will discover how a shoulder-to-shoulder approach makes your job easier by removing the pressure to fix things. It’s a great way to start your journey towards identifying where resistance comes from and how behaviours, responses, and interactions can be formulated. This training will teach you how to engage clients at a deeper level, helping them realize and move towards change.

You will learn:
  • What MI is
  • Where resistance comes from
  • When someone is ready to change
  • Stages of change
  • The spirit of MI
  • Overview of processes
  • Extending your MI journey
You will also get:
  • Desk aids for easy post-training information
  • Easy-to-follow and accessible learning modules that can be viewed on your own time, at your own pace
  • Access to further support through coaching calls and MI coding

Additional Services:

Coding Services – To Support Individual Skill Development in MI

Trained coders will use the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) tool to objectively measure the learner’s use of MI.  Participants submit digital recordings obtained after informed client consent to the Agilec Coding Lab, where trained staff review and analyze the recording. Participants are then provided with an analysis report, as well as a personal feedback session, during which the learner will choose two areas of focus for improvement of MI skills.

Details on the results of coding can be provided to your leadership team to identify those staff who have reached mastery and those working on practice and improvement plans.

*For added value, Agilec can offer multiple coding sessions over a longer duration of time (with the same coder) to work toward individual mastery in MI.

Consulting Services – To Support Leadership Team in Successful Implementation of MI

Implementing MI techniques into your organization means that you’ll be asking your teams and staff to change. In order to change, one must be motivated to change.

As a leader, you play a key role in the successful implementation of MI across large organizations. That’s why we provide consulting services to support leaders in their goal to make the MI transition successful.

We recommend an organizational plan that encompasses the following:

  • Key messages from leaders/organization about MI implementation
  • The Spirit of MI – how does this relate to your culture/client service model
  • Supporting staff to practice their MI skills and work toward mastery
  • Evaluation of MI success
    • What key factors do you want to see improve?
    • How and when will you evaluate?
    • Is this information readily available or are new process/tracking required?
  • Community of practice – once the training is completed, how will you continue your MI journey?

We customize our training to meet your unique needs.

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