To be successful today and prepare for the future, companies and people need to upskill. From executive training to team development to individualized options, we have a menu of selections to help you be successful.

For Leaders

Today’s diverse workforce demands excellent leaders.

Our training is designed to build on key elements that leaders require, such as self-awareness, influence, decisiveness, motivation, conflict resolution, resilience, adaptability, empathy, and the ability to embrace diversity. Participants leave our training with a greater awareness of their strengths and armed with new strategies for improved leadership skills.

With the many challenges facing you as a modern business leader, professional leadership training is a must.

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For Teams

Fostering healthier teams and workplaces.

Our team development courses will help you strengthen the overall health of your organization as participants learn to fully know themselves and their coworkers. Our training helps participants learn to fully know themselves and each other, while helping organizational leaders motivate and inspire team members.

We offer a large selection of team development programs that will help in conflict resolution, foster innovation, and enhance your Business EQ.

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For Individuals/Professional Development

Continuing eduction for professionals and workplaces.

We offer in-person and web-based training for individuals as well as organizations seeking professional development opportunities for their team members.

Mental Health First Aid, Effective Decision Making, Motivational Interviewing…no matter what type of professional development training you seek, we have web-based and in-person courses to suit you and/or your organization’s needs.

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Latest News & Insights

Path to Employment: Sam’s Journey

Path to Employment: Sam’s Journey

The Agilec Mount Forest team recently had the pleasure of supporting Sam with his employment goals. Sam identifies as living with Autism and has worked especially hard to overcome obstacles - whether it be understanding the people around him or effectively...

The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Mike Walker, the Agilec Team Leader in Peterborough, recently sat down with local media to discuss the future of work as well as the many changes the Peterborough team is seeing in their local labour market. To read or hear the full story, please click on the links...

Access Training for Employees With the Canada Ontario Job Grant

Access Training for Employees With the Canada Ontario Job Grant

The COJG program is for employers who are looking for financial support to purchase training for employees and new hires. A local employer and community partner recently talked to Orillia Matters about their experience accessing the Canada Ontario Job Grant...

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