It’s an employer’s responsibility to take care of their departing staff whether it is a result of downsizing, reducing operational costs, termination due to poor performance, or merger/acquisition. You might ask yourself, why should we invest in helping people who will no longer be a part of our company. This is the very human side of business and the very human side of Outplacement Services. Outplacement Services gives you as the employer the opportunity to treat a departing employee with dignity and respect.  

Employers can choose to offer extended support to those they lay off or terminate as part of their core values and social responsibility through offering outplacement services. Providing employees with outplacement packages shows that the company’s core values are not mere statements. Maintaining a good relationship with departed staff not only preserves the company’s image; it also ensures that any future dealings with them will be positive while maintaining a culture of wellness/well-being for existing staff. 

Providing Outplacement Services shows people that you care about their futures and the contributions they have made during their time with your organization. It ends the professional working relationship the same way it started – with hope, commitment, and positivity.  

Employees spend as much time at work as they do at home. A change to their employment situation can have a significant impact on their life. This is your opportunity to acknowledge the significant investment they have made to your organization by providing the much-needed support and guidance at a time of vulnerability and uncertainty.  

This level of support for departing employees demonstrates that you are a company who cares. It reinforces a positive brand image and affirms that you value the people who work for you. Employees can feel secure in the knowledge that if a transition is necessary, you will be there to support them. This will result in higher levels of employee engagement.  

While you may provide severance pay to displaced workers, it’s important to keep in mind that most people have other needs and the money they receive isn’t enough to create new opportunities for them. Departing employees who have been provided Outplacement Services are given the resources and tools to define their passions, determine their next steps, and reengage with the workforce faster than those who do not have access to service. Affected staff leave feeling more empowered about the next phase of their career. So imagine – you are no longer required in your position …

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