Our team members make up the heart and soul of our organization. They come to work every day with the mission to help people and organizations develop their potential.

Today we are recognizing Caroline Smaglinskie, one of our Employment Coaches on the Career Transition Services team – she recently celebrated an amazing milestone of serving 1000 Candidates in the program!

Caroline brings energy and honesty to her work, focusing on assisting candidates in their return to work and training plans. Below she shares a little about her career and what drives her passion for the work she does.

Tell us a little about your career at Agilec.

I started here on February 8, 1999, so I’ve been with Agilec for over 24 years now.

I’ve worked various projects, including the federal government’s Opportunities Fund for persons with barriers to employment, province of Ontario’s Employment Ontario program and since March 2018, I have the privilege of working as an Employment Coach with the Career Transition Services program. I work in a virtual environment working with my Candidates who are located all across Canada as well as deployed around the world (U.K, Mexico, Latvia, Germany, Italy etc). I’ve worked with people that have secured the Prime Minister, worked at NORAD and within NATO, and have had fascinating careers. I am incredibly proud to work with CAF Members, Veterans and their spouses.

How do you bring your best to your work every day?

My role is to exceed my Candidates expectations with outstanding compassion, listening skills and knowledge to help Candidates determine their goals and create an effective plan to successfully reach those goals. I have over 25 years of labour market research skills that I use daily. I am most passionate about the way my Candidates respond to me, with such appreciation and gratitude. That is my number 1 motivator. I love being a sounding board and cheering squad, acknowledging the fear of the unknown, the “fog of the future”. I also reflect with the Candidate and acknowledge that I am here to give them autonomy, something that they are not necessarily accustomed to, so we take baby steps.  I am here to be an “Accountabil-a-buddy” to my colleagues and teammates- to provide support, encouragement and knowledge.

What is a highlight from the work you do, something that stands out?

I currently have a 15-page Hug File, made up of positive feedback from my Candidates. The one that stands out is from a Veteran, whom I worked with as he prepared to retire. Through our conversations I observed that his demeanour changed when talking about the writing that he has done. After encouragement as well as forwarding writing resources, the Candidate has successfully transitioned to retirement with a focus on family and friends as well as writing a book.

Thank you Caroline for making a difference – not only in the lives of the Candidates you serve but also among your colleagues who shared some kind words below.

“To my extraordinary co-worker and treasured friend, my heart overflows with joy as I congratulate you on reaching an astonishing milestone of 1000 referrals! Your unwavering dedication, unyielding loyalty, and compassionate nature have forever changed the lives of countless individuals. Your impact is immeasurable, and I feel blessed to work alongside someone as remarkable as you. Here’s to celebrating your incredible achievements and the beautiful difference you make in the world. Cheers!”

“Caroline was one of the first coaches to lead the way in calling our very first candidate when no one on the team had ever spoken to a military member or Veteran. Her courage, compassion and dedication to the well-being and success of her candidates is remarkable. She is also a great resource to her colleagues and the team as a whole.”

“I’ve known Caroline for 5+ years, and she is a pleasure to work with. She cares about each and every one of her candidates and co-workers, and always goes above and beyond where possible.”

“Congratulations Caroline on the 1000 referrals! You are an exemplary coach who goes above and beyond for your candidates, and the number of reengagements is surely a testament of this. I think your genuine care and your empathetic approach really helps the Veterans and members of CAF in their transition process. These candidates and our team at Agilec are lucky to have you in this program. You are an incredible person! Keep up your hard work!”

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