At Agilec, our work with candidates and employers champions equal opportunities for individuals, striving towards accessible and equitable communities. 

Today, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Sean Mills, whose dedication to accessibility and inclusion is making a meaningful difference within our company, for our clients, and in his community. 

Tell us a little bit about the work you do here at Agilec. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work in various career-rehabilitation programs since starting with Agilec two years ago. As a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (VRC), I support individuals as they attempt to rebuild their careers following an often-traumatic injury.  

What do you love most about the work you do? 

I get to help people in some of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. Through injury, illness, or burnout, they have been forced to step away from their work, career, livelihood, and most significantly, their identity. It is a privilege to step into their lives and provide support and stability, helping them chart their future as they reclaim their lives and career direction. 

What is the biggest employment challenge you’ve seen a candidate with barriers overcome?  

I worked with a client, SS, who had been with the same company for 26 years as an AZ level truck driver but suffered a series of hip injuries that resulted in surgeries, pain, and restrictions in his job. While he said he was willing to try anything, he also acknowledged that he could not picture himself in a new career having been a truck driver his whole life. 

While listening to his story, I learned that he had a passion for helping in his community and he loved talking with and listening to elderly people. With this in mind, we identified a bus driver opportunity, taking senior residents on outings to various locations around Ontario. We connected with the senior living organization located nearby and learned that if SS had his appropriate license, they would interview him. Shortly after, he was able to secure his B license and the position. 

His new role was centred around building relationships with residents, sharing meals with them, and driving them to their outings. Following his first two weeks at his new job, SS told me that his wife said, “I have never seen you happier at work than you are since starting this new role.”  

What is a myth in employment accessibility that you would like to dispel? 

That our society is inclusive and that employment accommodations are readily available for prospective employees. I’ve seen many clients miss opportunities due to their perceived limitations. I believe we can get to a place where discussions about disability can be conducted openly and with integrity, and where barriered individuals are able to contribute all their wonderful abilities to the workforce. 

What would you say to encourage others to get involved in creating a future where everyone, regardless of ability, can fully participate and contribute to our communities? 

To me, accessibility and inclusion are synonymous with equality and are essential for our culture and society to operate to its fullest potential. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we do our part to open figurative doors and advocate for members of our communities to have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. 

Any final thoughts you would like to share? 

It is incredibly rewarding to work in a role where you get to support people when they are going through challenges and facing hardships. As VRCs, we are equipped to provide stability and hope in these dark seasons of our clients’ lives. Seeing them regain trust as they learn that you are on their side is special, and the relationship you build can change both of your lives. 


By showcasing Sean’s dedication, we aim to inspire others to move forward together, supporting accessibility and inclusion for all. 

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