Burn-Out – Is There Any Help?

We may have all experienced burn-out at one time or another or supported a colleague or family member who was unable to meet the constant demands of work or life. It is important to recognize the symptoms and seek professional help or counselling when faced with any...

Don’t be Modest

When you are in search mode, it is not the time to be modest. You need to sell yourself. Your resume is a sales tool – your marketing tool. It should represent you and what you can bring to an employer. Make sure your resume is based on fact and truthful. Show your...
Are You Stuck?

Are You Stuck?

When newly unemployed, you may feel like you deserve a break, after all, you’ve been going to work every day for weeks, months, possibly years. So you give yourself permission for a few weeks to take it easy. Because you are likely on this well-deserved mini vacation...

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