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Emotional Intelligence at Work – Webinar

Work more easily with others.

*Due to COVID-19, this previously scheduled in-person training is now being offered in webinar format to support individuals and teams to understand their emotions and the emotions of others during this challenging time.

Boost your emotional intelligence by understanding the 8 emotional behaviours that help, or hinder your success at work. This course will equip you with strategies that will help you recognize and respond to behaviours effectively.

Course Specifics

Lower work-related stress and reduce conflict with a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence. Begin with an assessment that provides you with a detailed report related to 8 emotional behaviours that affect your success at work. This course will assist you to recognize and develop your understanding of why individuals behave the way they do.   

  • Understand emotional behaviours at work
  • Recognize differences and comfort zones
  • Identify how to read and respond to others’ emotions and behaviours



3 Hours



3 CEUs

Additional Services:

Learners can take their learning a step further and expand their abilities with individualized coaching sessions or pursue additional emotional intelligence leadership awareness courses here.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work • Webinar$150.00

More information on Emotions and Behaviour at Work (EBW)

Business EQ-EBW For Leadership Development

Based on over 15 years of worldwide use and research, this tool helps leaders and teams to understand why they behave the way they do and helps to set a highly effective coaching framework that improves occupational and leadership performance. Using a range of EBW assessments and reports, leaders and teams can instantly see which emotions and behaviours inhibitors and activators to effective leadership and team performance are.

Training Results

Empower leaders and teams to transform themselves and your organization
Help leaders to identify clear goals and objectives
Develop leadership styles appropriate to the individual, task, and situation
Increase self-awareness and sensitivity to understand the emotional needs of others and, using that knowledge, to drive success

Book a complimentary organizational needs analysis to discuss in-person opportunities at your location.

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What people are saying about Agilec

“Thanks for all your excellent work on this yesterday. It certainly highlighted to the staff how they indeed come from very different places and it’s important they realize this in how they interact.”

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