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  • May 31, 2024
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Muskoka Riverside Restaurant

Muskoka Riverside Restaurant is seeking skilled and passionate Cooks to join our
culinary team. As a Cook, you will be responsible for assisting in the preparation and
execution of high-quality dishes, adhering to food safety and sanitation standards, and
contributing to the overall success of our restaurant. This position offers an opportunity
to showcase your culinary talents in a dynamic and collaborative environment.
1. Food Preparation:
● Assist in the preparation and cooking of menu items according to recipes
and quality standards.
● Ensure all food products are fresh, properly portioned, and cooked to
● Follow established cooking methods, techniques, and safety procedures
to maintain consistency and quality.
2. Station Setup and Organization:
● Set up cooking stations with necessary ingredients, equipment, and
utensils for efficient service.
● Maintain cleanliness and organization of work areas, including kitchen
surfaces, equipment, and storage areas.
● Rotate and replenish ingredients to minimize waste and ensure freshness.
3. Menu Execution:
● Work collaboratively with kitchen team members to execute menu items
accurately and efficiently during peak service hours.
● Monitor food levels and communicate with the Chef or Sous Chef
regarding inventory needs and menu adjustments.
● Plate and garnish dishes with attention to detail and presentation
4. Food Safety and Sanitation:
● Adhere to all food safety and sanitation guidelines, including proper food
handling, storage, and temperature control.
● Maintain a clean and sanitary work environment, following cleaning
schedules and procedures as directed.
● Monitor kitchen equipment for functionality and report any maintenance
issues to management promptly.
5. Team Collaboration:
● Collaborate with fellow cooks, kitchen staff, and servers to ensure smooth
and efficient service.
● Communicate effectively with team members and management to
coordinate orders, special requests, and kitchen operations.
● Support a positive and professional work environment through teamwork,
respect, and open communication.
● Proven experience as a Cook in a fast-paced restaurant or culinary environment.
● Solid understanding of cooking techniques, food safety principles, and kitchen
● Ability to work efficiently under pressure and multitask in a busy kitchen setting.
● Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude towards teamwork and
● Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed.
Pay Rate:
$20 – $22 per hour
Join our culinary team at Muskoka Riverside Restaurant and be part of a vibrant
restaurant community committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences and
celebrating the best of Muskoka cuisine.

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