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  • Full Time
  • Innisfil
  • May 1, 2023
  • Hours: 20-35


Job Duties:
Assist customers with product inquiries. This could involve retrieving the product for the customer either on the floor, responding to questions or addressing any concerns.
Continual floor upkeep and maintenance: including sweeping, removing water (squeeging or mopping), removing any obstructing material etc…
Straighten and organize plant material (perennials, roses, and vines), fill tables/racks, organize displays, and unload new product from the truck into the nursery environment.
Clean up the perennials, roses and vines so that they are marketable. This may involve removing dead, tired leaves and flowers, trimming plants, discounting product and/ or writing off older product.
Be familiar with sales items and new product on a daily basis, in order to clearly communicate this information when requested. This includes walking around the area, identifying any sales signs and or/ new product signs, and ensuring that all items are clearly marked.
Price all products as required, this includes requesting and attaching stickers or labels to product, requesting and posting signs to identify prices, and continual review to ensure that all product in the perennial area is clearly priced.
Ensure aisles are clear of product and debris, this includes removing carts, products, gravel, soil, water etc..
Assist in developing and create displays: to market and move products.
Complete at home assignments/training to educate yourself with information on the trees, shrubs and other products in the nursery area.
Advise supervisor of any customer requests: products, concerns and share display ideas
Conduct all activities in accordance with the health and safety policies and procedures
1Maintain and adhere to all company policies and procedures.
Perform other tasks as may be assigned.

Able to clearly communicate with customers and quickly understand and address their concerns and needs
Able to move, clean and re-organize both small and large products on a continual basis.
Easily interacts with others to ensure a productive environment.
Certified with WHMIS.
Excellent manual dexterity.
Must have the ability to plan, organize, develop, implement and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies, procedures, etc.
Excellent basic mathematical skills.
Must have reliable transportation.
Ability to motivate and attain positive results from employees and teams is a must.

Core Competencies:
Customer Focus
Energy and Stress
Team Work
Quality Orientation
Problem Solving
Accountability and Dependability
Operating Equipment
Ethics and Integrity

How to apply:

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