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  • Full Time
  • Peterborough
  • November 1, 2022
  • Hours: 37.5-40



1. To clean rooms, storage areas and corridors as allocated achieving standards of cleanliness and presentation as in the Rules of Operation manual.
2. To ensure guest supplies and advertising material in bedrooms and bathrooms are replenished achieving the correct standards for the room type as per brand standards.
3. To report any lost property following procedures detailed in the Rules of Operation Manual.
4. To ensure the security of keys and guest rooms at all times by adherence to laid down
procedures and reporting any suspicious persons or items to the Supervisor as required by
company policy.
5. To understand the correct usage and storage of cleaning agents in line with health and safety
regulations and manufacturers instructions.
6. To use and clean equipment with care reporting any defective equipment as set down in the
Rules of Operation manual.
7. To carry out opening and closing procedures as per hotel standards, while ensuring accurate
completion of any reports.
8. To carry out deep cleaning duties as allocated by the Senior Supervisor on duty.
9. To use hotel linen in an efficient and cost-effective manner while ensuring corridors are free from
dirty linen as per company standard.
10. To report all maintenance faults as per hotel standards.

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