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Primary Job Functions:

·        Regular (hourly / daily / weekly / monthly) system monitoring and checks

·        Complete daily reports and checklists based on regular checks

·        Complete daily activity log based on open/close tickets

·        Assist onsite production supervisor through targeted monitoring of control room screens, BWOS and all other system vitals

·        Be present on production floor during shift changes and perform fault correction in all areas as and where needed

·        Assist onsite production supervisor by escalating abnormalities to remote centers

·        Assist onsite production supervisor by blocking/unblocking machinery as required for maintenance and cleaning schedules

·        Regularly follow up on and perform investigations on suspect TU’s, totes, routes, orders, inventory abnormalities and other regular exceptional events .

·        Document and create procedures for the purpose of incident prevention

·        Manipulation and adjustment of System Controls

·        Maintain and refresh the control room monitors

·        Ensure orders are picked and routes are closed on time

·        System Recovery in event of a Server failure (Server Fail over / Database Recovery)

·        System monitoring (order flow, picking performance, material flow)

·        Coordinate with 3rd Parties where necessary (E.g. Hewlett-Packard)

·        Support in escalation management

·        Signal and report any and all abnormalities

·        Attend alignment staff meetings

·        Assist customer directly with all IT, inventory, scanning, RF, routing or any other system related issues

·        Assist customer in answering their questions

·        Ensure control room is always clean, organized and free of debris

·        Continuous Improvement

·        Perform regular spot-checks of products to ensure that they are properly profiled

·        Perform routine investigations on all TU’s that exhibit instability, that crash or that fall apart (all incident reports)

·        Perform profiling of all new products as per the new product profiling policies.

·        Perform thorough analysis of weekly freebies and promotional items

Lead and escalate all change requests and bug reporting as per established policies.

How to apply:

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