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Mental Health First Aid


This course includes:

Printed resources

Two-day training

Certification of completion

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Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada. This Certification helps you recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health problem or crisis so that you can effectively respond with a confident conversation and guide with appropriate resources and support. Training includes certification from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and a manual.

Recognize these signs and symptoms:

– Substance misuse and substance-related disorders
– Mood-related disorders, including depression and bipolar
– Anxiety and trauma-related disorders, including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder
– Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia

Learn how to handle these situations:

– Overdosing, signs and symptoms, as well as what to do until a healthcare professional arrives
– Assisting someone who is at a risk of suicide
– Acute stress reactions including panic attacks and how you can assist
– Psychotic episodes and what you need to know

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Meet Your Instructor

Crystal Dolliver

Crystal Dolliver is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor with over 14 years facilitating courses including resilience, mental health, suicide prevention, leadership, ethics, and team health. Her professional experience includes coaching individuals to understand themselves, build resilience, and reach their potential.

As a facilitator and corporate trainer, she draws on her professional skills and has experience that includes coaching individuals with disabilities and assisting her clients to successfully return to work.

What people are saying about this training

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"This is really good training. I have taken it and it is very helpful. It is like First Aid but for mental health."
"Everyone should have this training. It is essential."
"The content is relevant to almost any profession or job."
"Excellent job. Enlightening and super resources for future reference."
"In all honesty, this was the best presented course that I have ever been to! The activities were amazing and really brought out a lot in the learning as well as the presentation."
"They are amazing and you won't regret the training. I have taken their trainings in the past and loved them."
"I feel more confident and prepared having learned these tools."
"Well delivered, great activities and videos. Content was valid and easy to connect to."
"This was a great course and very relevant in my work."
"Excellent, I think all frontline workers should have this training."

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