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Disability Management

Stay-at-work and return-to-work services.

The expertise of our qualified consultants can either complement your existing in-house program or assist you with start-to-finish services.

In-house programs and start-to-finish services

We’ve worked with employers, developing and executing Disability Management programs, for over 35 years. We offer a full spectrum of services, from short-term assessments to extensive return-to-work planning.

Our Disability Management Approach

Our approach to Disability Management is the same as with all of our services: to offer timely, cost-effective supports, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Working in collaboration with your management team, we can design and implement services to ensure your goals are met, while focusing on timelines and promoting best practices in the workforce.

Services for Employers
Our use of innovative and advanced strategies, combined with the expertise of our ergonomic and vocational professionals, allow us to quickly respond to the needs of employers of any size.

Our Disability Management services include:

  • Stay at Work/Return to Work – Customized employer/employee support
  • Workplace Accommodations – Recommend and assist with set-up and instruction
  • Ergonomic Assessments – Minimize risk of injury and increase productivity
  • Functional/Physical Demands Analysis – Outline demands associated with a job
  • Job Analysis – Outline job duties and requirements
  • Transferable Skills Analysis – Identify suitable job options
  • Assessment of Potential – Confirm capacity for an alternate position
  • Work Tolerance/Job Readiness Assessment – Develop graduated return-to-work schedule
  • Functional Job Coaching – Implement strategies for improved performance
  • Design, Develop, and Implement Services – Develop internal programs
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What people are saying about Agilec

“The TSA was awesome!!! We successfully closed the file on our end based on the detailed information provided. “
"This program has been highly successful in achieving its outcomes."
"I really really find this service useful in demonstrating a client’s ability to work."
"It was a great experience working with Agilec. They identified all the possibilities of finding a job and how to improve interview skills."
The report was great. Gave us exactly what we needed to move forward”
"You have some excellent services."
"I found that the process was tailored to me and where I am in my career."
"Agilec is a 'hidden gem'."

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