Do you think employers have a wish list of qualities that they look for in a perspective candidate? We may possess our own list when it comes to the ideal job, so why not an employer? The hiring process is not simply about matching your skills and experience with those listed on the job description, but an assessment of our character traits, attitudes and personality style. The questions an interviewer may ask will give them valuable insight into our character and will help them determine if we are the perfect candidate for the job.

Here are some examples and questions that could be asked during an interview:

Empathy. Not only do employers want us to do the job, but to care about it and the people and clients with whom we will be working and interacting with on a daily basis.
“Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to help someone at work.”

Mentoring. Showing an interest in mentoring others with your knowledge and skills can be extremely beneficial for you and the organization.
“Tell me about an experience you had as a mentor. What did you do to get great results?”

Interpersonal skills. This skill determines if we can play well with others and how we deal with personality conflicts. Do you possess the necessary skills to resolve the issues professionally?
“How do handle conflict?”

Self-direction. There are times when we take upon ourselves more than what is expected. Employers look for this quality to help determine if we have the drive they are looking for.
“Tell about a time when you proposed a new way of doing things to your manager.”

Flexibility. Change is constant in any organization and we need to anticipate these occurrences while adjusting and adapting quickly.
“Tell me about a time when a major change was introduced in your workplace. How did you respond?”

There are no right and wrong answers to these questions, but they may reveal your ability to be reflective, maintain self-control and deal with difficult questions.

What qualities do you think employers are looking for during an interview?

by Carole Marinier, Resident Blogger for Agilec

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