Despite evidence that vacations are essential to healthy, productive workers, it can be difficult to take one during this economic climate. A vacation is really a break in your routine with the accompanying positive mental shift that helps you fully absorb and receive the benefits. The key to success is to be as present as possible and remind yourself to fully soak in what you need whether your vacation is for one hour or three weeks.

If you can’t escape for a getaway don’t despair. Here are some alternatives that can give you the boost you may need:

Daily vacations/mini vacations – Take a day off and plan your favorite activity. Plan a day if you can’t take a week or two. Clear your schedule of everything and either plan to do nothing, or do something you love every day, daily perks that make you happy. A few days off here and there can recharge you; take a Friday and Monday to enjoy four solid days of time away.

Mental vacations – Take a vacation from your thoughts. Your mind is a wonderful, essential part of life. Perpetual thinking, worrying, and planning can be exhausting and often counterproductive. Give yourself permission to take a vacation from thinking. By taking a step back, you’ll gain fresh perspective and come back even stronger. Incorporate yoga and meditation to help you disconnect from workaholic tendencies

Staycations – Plan a special weekend. Be a tourist in your town. Your vacation base is your hometown, it’s economical and a relaxing way to kick back, see what your city has to offer you. Try new restaurants, explore neighborhoods, or attend a cultural event. Challenge yourself to see your world through fresh eyes.

Change it up – Try to make your normal routine into something new. For example, sleep in a different room, take a break from TV and read an engaging novel. Create themes around mealtimes; bring Mexico or Italy into your kitchen. Spend a Saturday watching old comedies. “Laughter is an instant vacation” – Milton Berle.

Unplug – Disconnecting from technology is important. When we are constantly “on call”, it can significantly boost stress levels. Power down your gadgets. Leave your cell phones and laptops at home, this will help you recharge your own batteries, you need to check out occasionally.

How do you unplug?

by Carole Marinier, Resident Blogger for Agilec

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