When preparing the wardrobe and look for an interview there are many aspects you need to consider, including how much, and what kind of makeup to wear. While you wish to look your best, it is essential to remember that your makeup should not distract the interviewer from your talent and charisma. The key is to keep it simple and be yourself – if you normally don’t wear makeup then leave it that way. Don’t try to experiment with new colours or products – you don’t want to risk an allergic reaction. You have to wear what makes you comfortable. If you are however, a person who typically wears makeup then go for it, but try to keep it more discreet than usual.

While there are no set rules on interview appropriate makeup, here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best look for the big day:

  • Opt for natural and matte colours for the eye lids, such as soft browns or pinks – try to stay away from anything that stands out too much, like bright, shiny or glittery colours.
  • Make sure your foundation /powder matches your neck and is evenly distributed.
  • Wear a subtle blush or bronzer that goes well with the undertone of your complexion and makeup. For example, if you are wearing a pink lipstick then use a pink blush but if your makeup is in the brown colour palette, use a light bronzer or a coral blush.
  • Choose a lipstick that is very light in colour and texture, preferably one that resembles your natural lip tone. Again, stay away from anything too bright, too dark or too shiny. However, if your signature look involves a bright lipstick – wear it! Try however to opt for a version that is more subtle than what you normally wear and keep the rest of your makeup as minimal as possible.
  • Do not wear fragrance at an interview – many individuals are allergic and it may set an uncomfortable interview tone if that is the case.
  • If you typically wear nail polish, opt for pale and natural colours, like beige or light pink. Do not wear chipped nail polish, and keep away from colours that are too dark (like purples and blues) or too bright (such as hot pinks, reds or oranges).

These guidelines are very broad and safe for most interviews settings, unless of course you are interviewing for a Make-up Artist job or a position in a beauty store, then I encourage you to be as creative as possible.

Ultimately it is crucial to be comfortable and be yourself. After all, you can only sell yourself to the best of your abilities when you are confident, and we all gain confidence in a different way. So if you’re at your best when wearing makeup then wear it at the interview. Try however to adjust your look to suit the appropriate environment. And if makeup is not for you, it is also perfectly fine to skip over it. Good luck!

by Sandra Stepan, Guest Blogger for Agilec

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