No matter what your profession is, you’ll always perform your best when you’re using the right tools. Imagine coming in to work tomorrow and there was no stapler? No matter where we work, there are some particular office supplies that make day-to-day tasks go much easier.

1. Personal planner or organizer

Life seems to get busier and busier and not only are there deadlines and projects at work but if you have children, or an active social life, there are events and activities to keep track of on a daily basis. This method of organization helps me maintain and itemize; I record projects, tasks, to-do lists, phone numbers, track a variety of projects and schedules.

2. Sticky Notes.

Every day I seem to jot down random notes. Even with my personal organizer, there’s nothing that replaces pop-up sticky notes.  I write a quick note to myself or someone in the office and stick them in a prominent place.

3. Paper Clips/Stapler

To keep all of my documents sorted and stacked, I make sure that I have my stapler, with extra staples handy, and my supply of paper clips. This helps me maintain organization on my desk and in my filing cabinet.

4. Tape

While you might not need tape every day, when you need it, you usually need it immediately. So I keep my tape dispenser handy.

5. Calendar

Yes, I know the majority of us have planners, outlook or our phones to keep us organized, but I don’t want to switch programs every time I need to look at a date so it’s nice to have a desk or wall calendar for those quick glances.

What are your essential office tools that you couldn’t live without?

by Carole Marinier, Blogger for Agilec


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