Situation: You sit down to start creating your resume and job search documents. A blank page in front of you. You know that your name and contact information has to be on your resume, so you begin there. BUT now what?

Everyone has a bit of trouble starting their resumes. Here are some ways to tackle the ‘blank page’ when you start preparing your job search documents.

  1. Think of what other people would say about you. If you have any reference letters, use the points that they mention on your resume.
  2. Go by the job ad. If you have a job ad that you are looking to apply to, try responding to their requirements in your ‘Summary of Qualifications’ or ‘Highlights’ section.
  3. Skip a section. Start with ‘Employment Experience’ or ‘Education and Training’ first, then come back and work on your ‘Summary of Qualifications’ or ‘Highlights’ section.
  4. Google it. If you are having trouble describing what you did in past employment, google it. Check out the similar resources to National Occupation Classification (NOC) or even current job ads that are similar to your position. It may not describe exactly what you did, but it may give you 4-5 points that you could mention in your resume and cover letter.
  5. Lastly, try and relax. This may take some time to get your documents to the point where you feel comfortable to start applying. It’s good to step back once in a while and take a breath before continuing.

By Anna Bennett, Blogger for Agilec

PS – Did you know that Agilec offers assistance when you need it with your job search documents? From workshops, online workshops, resume critiques, to Professional Career Services… Agilec can help!


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